Pop is a project maintained by Facebook to make extensible animation engine for iOS, tvOS, and […]


Ti.Stripe is an Android and iOS Hyperloop wrapper of the Stripe-android and Stripe-ios library. Ti.Stripe provides a seamless integration between […]


Ti.SpinKit is an iOS Hyperloop wrapper of the SpinKit-ObjC library. Ti.SpinKit provides access to a few different Activity […]


Ti.Charts is an Android and iOS Hyperloop wrapper of the MPAndroidChart and Charts modules. Android – Runs on API […]


LoopModules News

Hey, we have some news about LoopModules. New member Matthew Burns (Github) is now joining LoopModules. He will be responsible for some website updates as well as LoopModules website maintenance. You can find more details about him in our About Us section. HTTPS LoopModules is now running in behind a secure certificate! 👮 Patreon We also want to […]

PRO Charts

Charts for PRO’s When we started with the “Coming Soon” modules we’ve never thought that we would have such a big demand for Charts modules. It’s by far the most voted and desired module at LoopModules. For that reason we started to work in a small version of a Charts module for Android straightaway. Two […]

Let’s talk seriously!

Talking  seriously! As we always said LoopModules is a community-driven platform that aims to spread knowledge and great products to our costumers. We’ve been creating a number of different modules on a weekly basis, but working with LoopModules involves much more. Creating a platform involves strategy, marketing, design and a lot more. Our initial goal […]

Publish your modules

Publish your modules Since the launch of LoopModules we’ve been reiterating that we wanted to let everyone upload their modules to the platform. Despite all that we never had an official explanation of how that would work. This past week we’ve been thinking on how we would structure that workflow and we came up with an explanatory […]

First Paid Module

WHY? When we first started talking about LoopModules we thought about how difficult it would be to create a platform based on a new technology. It doesn’t look like it, but there are many constraints involved in this type of project: Lack of a official documentation Lack of tutorials on the internet Your results can only grow […]

OAuth made easy

If you’re reading this there’s a high chance you are a developer. And if you are a developer, I’m pretty sure you already had to deal with OAuth. Let’s face it: OAuth sucks. Integrating an app / website with multiple OAuth providers can be very time consuming and sometimes you just wish there was a better or […]

Great News for Indie Developers

Some developers asked us if they need a Pro Appcelerator account to test the modules we have been posting. All of our modules are based on the HyperLoop technology and that means yes, in order to run them you will need a Pro account. You may still ask yourself “Should I upgrade my account and pay $99 dollars a […]