LoopModules – our road in 2017

Greetings from the Loop Modules team! Happy new year everyone! 🎉 2016 was a great year for Loop Modules. With 200+ users we’re proud of seeing the interest on Hyperloop growing each day that passes.  We’re recommencing the activities on Loop Modules after a short holiday break and we have some breaking news planned for 2017. We cannot reveal much (yet), but […]

The first Android module is OUT!

The first Android module is here! After a lot of requests we are finally releasing our first Android module! It’s called Ti.FAB (Floating Action Button) and it enables you to use those floating buttons usually displayed down to the bottom of the screen. It’s considered part of the Google Material Design and it’s very useful when you want […]

HyperLoop relevant opened JIRA tickets

Developing HyperLoop modules can be a tough task. We’ve been working hard to provide the best modules for the community recently. Needless to say HyperLoop is still in its early phases and we’ve been facing some issues while building / running projects. We’ve opened a good amount of JIRA tickets for Appcelerator hoping for these errors to get resolved. Here are some of […]

The first module is OUT!

WHAT IS THE MODULE ABOUT? We are thrilled to announce our very first module for Hyperloop. Our first module is the Ti.Spinkit as we have done the examples already. The module is completely FREE for everyone and we hope you guys share the knowledge we got building this module. Soon we will release our second […]