Open-Sourcing LoopModules

Open-Sourcing LoopModules Today is a big day for LoopModules. The challenges involved in founding a startup are numerous and we faced a good part of them. Almost a year ago we realised It wasn’t going to be easy to evolve and thrive working with a premature technology. We’re in June 2017 and it’s been months since we […]

LoopModules Re-Design

New Design If you have accessed LoopModules recently you might have noticed that we’ve been working on a new Look n’ Feel for the website. Re-designing a website is more tricky than we previously thought. Fonts, margins, components, alignments, structure, everything… 😰 We’re not quite yet finished, but we wanted to know what you guys think of […]

LoopModules – our road in 2017

Greetings from the Loop Modules team! Happy new year everyone! 🎉 2016 was a great year for Loop Modules. With 200+ users we’re proud of seeing the interest on Hyperloop growing each day that passes.  We’re recommencing the activities on Loop Modules after a short holiday break and we have some breaking news planned for 2017. We cannot reveal much (yet), but […]

LoopModules News

Hey, we have some news about LoopModules. New member Matthew Burns (Github) is now joining LoopModules. He will be responsible for some website updates as well as LoopModules website maintenance. You can find more details about him in our About Us section. HTTPS LoopModules is now running in behind a secure certificate! 👮 Patreon We also want to […]


We’re hosting our own Black Friday sales at LoopModules! ? You can now get a 20% of discount on any purchase until the next Sunday (27/11). All you have to do is to enter the discount code “BLACKFRIDAY” at the end of you checkout process. Keep in mind that this discount code can be used only […]

Introducing Bundles

From today we are giving the developers another options to get the best modules for a more attractive price – Bundles! As defined in the dictionary – “Bundles are a collection of things or quantity of material tied or wrapped up together.” We have created our first bundle and it is already ready to go – […]

Patreon mode ON!

Patreon mode on Last week we introduced some changes to LoopModules and one of them were briefly cited – Patreon. Patreon is an awesome platform where creators can get paid for what they create. It’s also a very interesting way to keep in touch with your fans. If you are still not familiar with what […]

Let’s talk seriously!

Talking  seriously! As we always said LoopModules is a community-driven platform that aims to spread knowledge and great products to our costumers. We’ve been creating a number of different modules on a weekly basis, but working with LoopModules involves much more. Creating a platform involves strategy, marketing, design and a lot more. Our initial goal […]

Publish your modules

Publish your modules Since the launch of LoopModules we’ve been reiterating that we wanted to let everyone upload their modules to the platform. Despite all that we never had an official explanation of how that would work. This past week we’ve been thinking on how we would structure that workflow and we came up with an explanatory […]

LoopModules ❤️ Beacons

LoopModules ❤️ Beacons If you are a developer you might have heard about beacons at least once in your life. We’ve definitely heard  about it and this technology excite us, because it has a lot of potential. We can imagine a lot of different useful applications that can be done with it and that’s why we decided […]