Android Animations

Android Animations As part of our strategy to follow up who support us on Patreon and to help the community to better understand Hyperloop and its advantages, today we are launching another FREE module – Ti.AndroidViewAnimations. It’s basically an Android wrapper to get some really cool animations done. Check out the demo we’ve made to […]

PRO Charts

Charts for PRO’s When we started with the “Coming Soon” modules we’ve never thought that we would have such a big demand for Charts modules. It’s by far the most voted and desired module at LoopModules. For that reason we started to work in a small version of a Charts module for Android straightaway. Two […]

Firebase Module!

Firebase Module! Have you ever dreamed to have a Firebase module as a backend of your mobile apps but always wondered HOW to create it?! Well, we are thrilled to announce our second module backed by Google Services (Yes, they ROCK!). If you don’t remember the first one just check it out our GoogleVR module. […]

Did you say Virtual Reality?

Did you say Virtual Reality? We are thrilled to announce our Virtual Reality module for Hyperloop. (The most exciting so far) It’s based on the Google VR SDK for iOS and we call it Ti.GoogleVR. With it it’s possible to create real Virtual Reality experiences for your apps made with Titanium. Examples CREATE A VR IMAGE VIEW CREATE […]

The second module is out!

The second module is out! We are thrilled to announce our second module for Hyperloop. It’s based on the wrapper EaIntroView for iOS and we call it Ti.EaIntroView. The module is completely FREE for everyone and we hope you guys share the knowledge we got building this module. It would be great to receive feedbacks regarding this module. […]