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Ti.Reprint – Fingerprint Recognition

This HyperLoop module allows you to implement fingerprint recognition in your Android app. It wraps the Reprint library.


These instructions are being shipped with the module, so you can check them later on your README file.


1 – First of all, start by declaring the USE_FINGERPRINT permission in your Android manifest file.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.USE_FINGERPRINT"/>

2 – Require the module and initialize it with the method “initialize”:

var Reprint = require('Reprint');

3 – Call the “authenticate” method to create a temporary listener for fingerprint recognition. Note that this won’t display anything on your screen, so you still need to show an alert / text on your screen indicating to the user that he needs to scan his fingerprint.

Also, make sure to check if the user’s device has a fingerprint reader AND if the user has any registered fingerprints!

if (!Reprint.isHardwarePresent()) {
  alert('Your device does not support fingerprint recognition.');

if (!Reprint.hasFingerprintRegistered()) {
  alert('You do not have any fingerprint registered in this device.');

function successCallback(moduleTag) {
  alert('Fingerprint recognised!');

function failureCallback(failureReason, fatal, errorMessage, moduleTag, errorCode) {


Reprint.authenticate(successCallback, failureCallback);


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