When we first started talking about LoopModules we thought about how difficult it would be to create a platform based on a new technology. It doesn’t look like it, but there are many constraints involved in this type of project:

  • Lack of a official documentation
  • Lack of tutorials on the internet
  • Your results can only grow when the tool grows
  • You have to dedicate good part of your time reporting bugs and finding workarounds

… and the list goes on. We decided to accept the challenge and we are very happy with the outcome of the 300+ hours of research and development invested.

But after working all this time on LoopModules we confirmed something that we had foreseen: putting in huge amounts of hours working for free is not sustainable. Some SDKs / APIs require a lot of work to be fully integrated with HyperLoop and because of that we decided to monetise those. This also means you can publish your own paid modules!

This doesn’t mean we are not creating more open source modules. Our goal with paid modules is simply to get funded by the work we’ve been doing and reinvest that on the platform in a number of ways:

  • More time to create open source modules
  • Improve the website with new content such as videos and tutorials
  • Reach more Appcelerator developers through paid social media ads

With that in mind we are thrilled  to announce our first paid product.

A new FIREBASE module! ?

We have improved our previous FREE Ti.Firebase in many ways. This is by far our most complete module. Along with the module we are providing a complete app that shows you what Firebase is capable of. Some of the new functionalities are:

  • Authentication;
  • Real Time Database
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (Push notifications!)


Complete module details

Module Details

This module took us a lot of time (and coffees) to be production-ready. We are going to distribute it in two different ways:

  • $19,90 : Personal Use
  • $49,90 : Commercial Use

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between them…

Personal Use

You can use the module as many times as you want in your personal projects, but you are not allowed to distribute any app with our code.

Commercial Use

Just like the Personal license you can use as many times as you want in your personal projects, but in this case you’re free to distribute apps with this module. ?

Important: This is not a recurrent payment. You pay only once and you don’t need to pay for it anymore.

We hope to get more and more developers joining the platform and creating more modules. Keep in mind that everyone with an Appcelerator PRO account (More Details…) can create modules and they can sell it at LoopModules.

We are always thinking of new ways to bring more content to everyone and we are planning to dedicate more of our time working in this project. Be sure we will remain in the same frenetic pace. ?

Any questions regarding paid modules and how to become a module developer, please get in touch with us through Email / Slack / Twitter.

Code Strong ?


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